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We transform community cooking ​practices with modern energy ​cookstoves, using creative ​financing and impactful behavior ​change initiatives to empower ​people worldwide.

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Lack of Access to Modern Energy for Cooking Remains a Major Problem Globally

Nearly one third of the global population, or 2.3 billion people, still use basic and harmful cooking ​methods, leading to health risks and environmental damage. Achieving universal access to clean ​cooking isn't limited by technology or unknown policies but rather by insufficient implementation ​capacity and funding. Currently, less than a third of those lacking access to clean cooking are in ​countries with the necessary policies and resources to achieve universal access by 2030.

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2.3 billion people ​globally still cook ​over open fires or ​basic stoves, inhaling ​harmful smoke from ​burning various fuels.

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A lack of clean ​cooking contributes ​to 3.7 million ​premature deaths ​annually, women and ​children most at risk.

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Women are ​disproportionately ​affected by ​traditional cooking ​methods, and have ​limited access to ​cleaner options.

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Lost time and ​productivity results ​in a huge economic ​costs due to hours ​spent collecting ​firewood and other ​fuel sources.

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Basic cooking ​methods using wood ​and charcoal often ​contribute to ​deforestation.

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From Local Flames ​to Global Change

We Believe in Working Alongside Governments ​and Industry to Develop Solutions

Many governments, industry groups, and local partners recognize the urgent need to transition to modern ​energy solutions but often find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to funding, designing, and ​implementing effective conversion programs. This challenge primarily arises from difficulties in articulating ​and conceptualizing both the problems associated with traditional cooking methods and the potential ​solutions offered by modern technologies. Without a clear path forward, these stakeholders struggle to ​develop actionable plans that can be executed on a national or regional scale.

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Behavior Change ​Campaigns

Develop and execute ​comprehensive behavior ​change campaigns to shift ​consumer behaviors towards ​sustainable cooking practices.

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Results-Based ​Financing Programs

Design and implement ​financing mechanisms that ​reward measurable outcomes ​in the adoption of modern ​cooking solutions.

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Legislative and Policy ​Advocacy

Work with governments to ​draft and promote policies that ​support the adoption of ​modern energy-efficient ​cooking solutions.

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Fueling Progress ​with the SDGs

How Modern Energy for Cooking Advances the ​UN Sustainable Development Goals

Access to modern energy for cooking is a crucial component in achieving the United Nations Sustainable ​Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all ​people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, our ​initiatives aim to integrate modern energy for cooking into the broader framework of sustainable development, ​addressing these and other goals to create a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable world. Modern energy ​cooking initatives cover all of the highlighted goals below, but focus mainly on SDG 3, SDG 5, SDG 7, and SDG 13.

SDG Life Below Water
SDG Reduced Inequalities
SDG Peace Justice and Strong Institutions
SDG Partnerships For The Goals
SDG Clean Water and Sanitation
SDG Responsible Consumption and Production
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At GenteGas, we empower ​communities with ​innovative, sustainable ​cooking solutions


To empower communities through sustainable cooking ​solutions, our social enterprise is dedicated to ​revolutionizing the energy landscape by introducing ​innovative results-based financing and robust behavior ​change campaigns. We aim to enhance quality of life ​and environmental health by facilitating access to ​modern energy-efficient cookstoves, thus contributing ​to national and regional energy independence and ​sustainability.


Our vision is a world where every household has access to affordable, ​efficient, and sustainable cooking technologies. By spearheading ​legislative initiatives, designing tailored financing programs, and ​fostering strong consumer engagement, we strive to lead a global ​transition to modern energy cooking solutions. We envision our ​efforts culminating in widespread adoption of these technologies, ​significantly reducing environmental impact and improving millions ​of lives through healthier, cleaner, more efficient cooking practices. ​Our collaborative approach supports governments, industry groups, ​and partners in achieving a sustainable future for all.

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At GenteGas, we specialize in helping industry and governments bring modern energy cooking programs to ​life. We provide expert guidance and comprehensive support to our partners by clearly defining the problem ​and crafting tailored solutions that resonate with the specific needs of each region or country. Our approach ​includes facilitating workshops and strategy sessions, developing clear and actionable roadmaps, and ​assisting in the mobilization of resources. We specialize in monitoring and evaluation, to ensure programs or ​initatives are achieving results. By equipping our partners with the necessary tools and knowledge, we ​empower them to initiate and sustain effective modern energy conversion programs that lead to measurable ​and lasting impacts in their communities. Explore some of the things we work on.

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Results-Based ​Financing ​Design

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Stakeholder Engagement ​for Governments, ​Industry Groups and ​Community Leaders

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Behavior ​Change ​Campaigns

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Modern Energy ​Cooking ​Legislative and ​Policy Design

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Consumer ​Education ​Programs

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Community-​Based Proof of ​Concept Pilots

Monitoring ​and ​Evaluation

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Meet Our Team

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Christina Espinosa

Founder & CEO

Christina was always compelled to contribute positively to society, engaging in ​volunteering and community service from a young age. Her life shifted significantly ​during her sports medicine studies in Canada, following her father's untimely death ​from cancer. This loss spurred her to seek a larger impact. Mentored by Jerry ​Hildebrand in social entrepreneurship, she explored deeper societal challenges. Her ​experiences in Tanzania, observing the challenges of a local NGO, inspired her thesis ​on development interventions using behavioral economics and anthropology. ​These studies led her to found GenteGas in 2010 and later become the Director of ​Clean Cooking at World Central Kitchen, aiming for sustainable community ​changes focused on modern energy cooking solutions.

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Eduardo Canúz

Director of Projects

Born in Olintepeque, Guatemala, Eduardo was the only one of eight siblings from a ​resource-scarce family to have the opportunity for education. With a dream of ​engineering since age 12, he completed his degree in Agricultural and ​Environmental Sciences, eventually starting a career in environmental research. In ​2002, he joined the Universidad del Valle for the pioneering RESPIRE study, ​focusing on the health impacts of improved cooking stoves. Mentored by Kirk ​Smith, he has collaborated with global institutions over 20 years, deepening his ​expertise in air pollution monitoring, public health, and project implementation. He ​is driven by a passion to improve living conditions for those affected by traditional ​cooking methods.

Together, We ​Cook a Better ​Future

Join us in transforming the future ​of cooking globally. Your ​partnership helps us to empower ​communities, enhance health, and ​protect our environment through ​sustainable cooking solutions. ​Contact us today and be a part of ​this impactful journey towards a ​cleaner, healthier world.

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